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Born In Caracas, Venezuela, later on embarking on several moves within the United States before moving to what he considers his "hometown" today: Shanghai, China. Here Super Buddha attended high school while also pursuing internationally valued diplomas In Art&Design. Once in China, he began obsessing with art and focused significantly on immersing himself into the entirely distinct culture he was encountering firsthand, delving into new and unique painting techniques that he still uses today. At this time, the artist began to practice graffiti while embracing the rare underground Urban/Contemporary art scene in Shanghai, where much of his influence would eventually stem from. Following his move to Miami, the artist continued developing his own technique and style privately, until deciding his work was ready for exhibition. 

His work's intent is to inform and emphasize damaging day-to-day issues every society is facing today as a whole. His pieces and work carry subliminal and background information that informs the viewer on the truths, and not the lies society has us programmed to operate in daily as a human race. Playing with various political figures and world renowned icons to deliver the message Buddha is trying to express to the viewer by attention through association. The style and color choice of Super Buddha can resemble that of the POP Art culture while also an influence in Street Art techniques. Being un-shy to color, Buddha's palate choice is lively and eye-catching simply because an uplifting vibe and more positive vibrations is what the world needs today

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