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The director, scriptwriter, and painter Giuseppe Ferlito was born in Padua on September 3rd, 1975. After his Degree in Political Science at the University of Padua, he moved to Milan, where he attended a master's in Cinema and Television Production. He started working as a freelance in several film production companies in Milan, which produce advertisements and film clips. Later, he moved to Rome where he started to work in the cinema, at first as a second assistant director and later as a first assistant director. He started his career in Italian cinema working mainly in Cinecittà and later collaborating with international production companies.

After ten years of experience in movies directed by Olmi, Soderbergh, Joffè, Vanzina, Salemme, and Martinelli, in 2010 he made his debut as a scriptwriter, writing with actor/director Jordi Mollà the script for “88” directed by Mollà himself: Movie produced by Media Films where Ferlito is also the second unit director. The movie “88”, entirely shot in Barcelona, has a figurative and narrative style defined by a strong surrealist component, with distressing and dreamlike sequences.

He made a debut in 2012 as a director with the dramatic movie “Daylight Will Come Soon”. He was the scriptwriter, and the movie was co-produced by Rai Cinema and Settima Entertainment. The movie, entirely shot in Rome, analyses problematic social themes such as drug and anorexia. It tells a story of three people who, with their vulnerabilities and insecurities, pursue the need to assert their identities. “Daylight Will Come Soon” wins in 2014 the award “Special Mention” at Ariano International Film Festival.

In conjunction with the 72nd Venice film festival, he received the award “The glass Lion” in the category Venetian’s excellency in the cinema, for original direction, at Cinema Veneto 2015. In 2016 he wrote with the actor/director Jordi Mollà the script for “Duelo” and he was the second unit director of the movie “Red Land” produced by the Venice Film. In 2017 he wrote and directed the short movie “In soccorso al tempo” produced by Kublai Film and directed the commercial “Un’ ambulance per Padova” produced by Kublai Film.

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