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Enrique Cabrera is a young entrepreneur and multidisciplinary artist. Originally from Veracruz, he is a renowned musician, sculptor and professional photographic restorer, dedicated to promoting Mexican Culture, taking Mexican Art further than its frontiers.


Cabrera has done several artistic restorations in different parts of the world, in collaboration with CENIDIAP (National Center of Investigation in Fine Arts) and INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts). He has also participated and collaborated in international interior and decoration projects with important Hotel chains.

Cabrera participated in the Restoration of the Bicentennial Route 2010 in the center of Mexico, restoring some of the most important monuments of Mexico.


Currently, Enrique Cabrera is working on several personal and private sculptural projects as well as photographic works with the intention of showing the cultural richness of Mexico. He is an important entrepreneur who promotes the Art of the old and the new values of his country.


“Art is an emotional and honest way of seeing life” – Enrique Cabrera.

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