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This 8 year old Artist is a real rising star!

I noticed Manuel Diaz when he submitted a video of his artwork he created for a contest Artist Domingo Zapata lanced for children stuck home during COVID.

Months later I found myself amazed at not only the artistic Tallent of this 7 year old but the messages behind the art so I decided to display his artwork within my gallery in the Miami Design District. I want to share one of these art pieces in the blog named "Equality".

Please visit our gallery page at to view more art from Manuel.

Manuel recently had his first professional solo debut as an Artist at N12 Art Gallery in Mallorca Spain.

He will soon visit Miami at which time we will have our own exhibition.

Im excited to be part of the launch of this young mans Art Career. Not only to display and sell his artwork but to spread his amazing messages as seen in the video below.

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